Ready to take those lashes to the next level? We get it.

Volume lashes are cluster fans, to make your lashes look much fuller and fluffier. Every girls dream right?

Volumes are made up of much thinner lashes that we group together to form a fan. The lashes we use for fans are much thinner than the Classic lashes, most fans will equal the same weight of a classic lash. This will all depend on your natural lash length, thickness and health.

Are these safe for the natural lash?

Most clients can wear these, if you have short natural lashes we may not be able to do these on you. Don't worry, we will keep yours safe.


We can either do a Full set of these puppies, or add into any Classic package or Refill. Another option some clients do is every other (one fill Classics, next fill Volumes), it is all up to you.

Full Set - $225

2 Hours and 15 minutes

Add In - $30

Hour Fill - $70 

30 Minute Fill $35

** This picture is with the "Glam" Classic set and Volume add ins.


While we say oil free makeup is ok with Classics, makeup/ mascara is NOT recommended with Volumes. This will close the fans, trust us, this does not look cute. This will also make it difficult for us to clean them before we do your Refill.

Brushing these babies after washing will also keep the fans open, so remember to take your brush with you after your appointment.