Lash Lifting 101

Lash Lifting is a Semi- Permanent treatment done to your natural lashes, curling them up using a perming solution, giving them a longer, fuller look. A great alternative for those who aren't looking for the upkeep of Lash Extensions. Lifts lasts up to 8 weeks, depending on your Lashes.

The Appointment

When booking a Lift appointment, you get to choose if you want tint or no tint. Tinting them gives them more definition, making them pop, lets be honest, we all want our lashes to pop.

The appointment takes 1 hour. When coming in, come with your lashes clean and makeup free.

The cost?

With tint - $95

Just the Lift - $80

What else to know

We get asked this a lot... "Is the Lash lift damaging to my natural lashes?"

Nope. No worries here! The lift will "fall" away after 8 weeks, your lashes also go through a full shedding period every 60-90 days. That means new lashes... no harm done. We also put on a nourishing lotion as the last step to your lift, any dehydration from the appointment will be restored.