Classic lashes are the original lash way that started everything in the lash world. Classic lash extensions are individually placed on one of your natural lashes (one extension to one of your lashes). Extensions are put on 1mm away from your lash line, this way no rubbing or irritation.

The glue?

Its a medical grade adhesive, be assured its safe for those pretty peepers of yours. If you are nervous about a reaction (happens next to none) we can do a patch test first ( apply 2-3 lashes on each eye) and send you home, a few days before your appointment.

When you come for your appointment?

Come with your lashes clean and makeup free, this way we can make sure the lashes adhere in the best way possible and your lashes will last.


Are you ready for your next addiction?

Choosing your first set is the hardest, here you can see a comparison of all the Classics together. As you go up in the number of lashes per eye, you get fuller lashes. Everyone is different, so the length we use on you (3mm above your natural lash length) will all depend on your natural lashes. All you have to do is choose your fullness, we do the rest!

Flirt (35 Lashes per eye) -$65

30 minutes

Demi (45 lashes per eye) -$85

45 minutes

Glam (60 lashes per eye)-$115

1 hour

Full ( Every lash) - $155

1 hour and 30 minutes 


We told you that you would be addicted!

Refills should be every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on you natural lashes and your home care. As long as you still have the majority of your extensions left, we can do a refill. If you come in with 1-5 (a few stragglers) lashes left, this will be a new set.

Depending on what set you have, Refill times are 1 hour appointments. 30 minutes fills are for those needing a quick "fix".

Hour Fill - $55

30 Minute Fill - $30

**Please come with your lashes CLEAN and MAKEUP FREE. The more time we have to spend cleaning your lashes, will take away from your refill time as we book back to back.

***Lash Shampoos are here available for purchase, we suggest everyone to have this in their shower and to wash them daily. Trust us, your lash life will be much longer.