Have you heard of or seen Soap Brows? 

Brow Lamination is a semipermanent lifting treatments that relaxes course, thin, curly and most brow types. Giving you a more vertical relaxed brow.

This process helps you achieve a full, fluffy defined brow- the ones in your dreams.

The cost:

With Tint + Shape - $75

Without Tint - $60

How it works.

After completing a patch test, 48hrs before (this is needed as we are placing products directly on you skin, we need to make sure you are A-OK against any type of reaction) 


After we wash and glue your brows up into place, we apply a lifting (perm like) solution over your brows, sitting anywhere from 2-7 minutes.


After removing our lifting solution, we apply the Setting solution. This neutralizes the lifting solution and sets your brows into place.

Tint (optional)

Adding a subtle but bold colour just makes your brows look that much more defined and POP.


Lastly we apply a hydration lotion (this will give your brows a glossy look for the first 24hrs) to put back the moisture we have taken from your brows.

How it works.

After your appointment you will be required to keep your brows dry-dry-dry for 24hrs. This means no product, saunas, excessive exercise and showering during this time.

After the 24hrs you are free to do as you please with your new brows!

To keep your brows happy, healthy and in place for as long as you can (up to 8 weeks)

Applying a nourishing solution ( we have some you may purchase) or oil ( castor oil is BOMB) daily is needed.

We will also supply you with a brush to fluff those babies in the morning.

How it works.